CG3 2nd Gen


  • Black Cat enabled, Plug and play system
  • *New* Optional Integrated Bluetooth 2.1
  • Pre-loaded integration's with MDT's
  • USB port
  • Ability to set rates through USB
  • Storage for up to 1000 trip details, Start time, Tax, Distance, total fare etc
  • 2 Year warranty
  • Certified by the NCWM #CC 03-106 A1
  • *New* Built in Signal Conditioner
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Security locked rates
  • 128/256 AES Encryption
  • 32-bit processor
  • RS232 serial communication
  • Holds 6 different rates
  • Internal short-circuit and surge protection
  • Built in pulse divider
  • Built in power supply and relay for toplights

Black Cat is our new way of detecting motion. With this new adapter, you are able to get your meter up and running faster with the new plug and play system.

The install process is simple, just get power. It can be hard lined to the battery or you can use a cigarette adapter! Just connect to the OBD2 port and plug it into the meter and you're done!

The CG3 companion app has now launched! This app is free to download here.

Using this app, you will be able to

  • Easily program your taximeter rates from your phone or tablet
  • Generate and send customer receipts via text or e-mail
  • Download trip and statistic information from your CG3
  • Setup your CG3 BlackCat OBDII interface quickly and seamlessly
  • Built-in CG3 UserGuide for quick taximeter installation and operating instructions
  • Access customer support for timely help when you need it
  • Built-in access to Google Maps and location services

More updates will be added in the future. If you have feature suggestions please let us know!

Update your CG3 to the latest software here

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