CG3 Firmware 1.27

New software is available for the CG3 taximeter.

Download the update Here

Instructions for updating firmware: The procedure is quite simple, reliable, and won't take much of your time.

1. Using a personal computer, transfer the zip file to the root (top-level) directory of a USB flash-drive.

2. Extract the contents with a zip utility.

3. With the Record CG3 taximeter powered Off, attach the flash-drive to the CG3 USB port via adapter.

4. Power On the CG3. The CG3 bootloader will then read the CG3Upgrd.txt, locate the software (ECG3127.bin) file on the drive, and re-flash the firmware. The procedure will take only about 2-3 seconds.

The software version will now be displayed as '1.27', using the Display Software Version function in the Record CG3 Main Menu, in case you want to ever double-check. This function can be found in Part 5.0 of the CG3 User Guide.

Cale Collinson
Cale Collinson