5 ways Bluetooth can help your fleet

    1. Wireless Installations

     Long gone are the days of only needing a radio for your taxi. Taxi equipment nowadays include a multitude of options such as printers, cameras, and dispatch terminals to name a few. Utilizing Bluetooth enabled taximeters can allow you to wirelessly connect to your various equipment to help you cut down on those wires that just seem to go everywhere.

    1. Faster Installations

     Down time is lost revenue for your fleet. Making the process faster for your installation team will save you time and money so that you can get more cars out of the garage faster. Utilizing Bluetooth you can easily pair up your taximeter to your dispatch terminal allowing your team to spend less time with each vehicle.

    1. Productivity

     Tired of writing down all your information for the shift? How about going through menu after menu looking for the right information? Bluetooth will help you solve that hassle by allowing your taximeter to be accessible to your fleet tracking needs taking out the confusion and allowing it to be seamless.

    1. Data Access

     Need to know what your fleet has been up to? Not a problem anymore. Bluetooth will allow you to sync up with your equipment and pull information that you and your fleet need to see where you can make changes to serve your community better.

    1. Adaptability 

     Having modern technology with your fleet allows you quickly adapt to an ever changing market place to keep you competitive. Bluetooth enabled taximeters will allow you to swap out old equipment for new and connect to devices that will help your fleet grow to serve your customer base.


    We are trying to equip the transportation industry with the best equipment you can find, that is easy to use and economical to acquire. We are open to suggestions for our equipment and if you have any features you would like to have in your CG3 please let us know at Info@recordtechnologies.com

    Cale Collinson
    Cale Collinson