CG3 Companion App



This free and handy app adds a host of features to your CG3 taximeter, enhancing your investment. Save time and money!


Download the app here


1) Easily program your taximeter rates from your phone or tablet
2) Generate and send customer receipts via text or e-mail
3) Download trip and statistic information from your CG3
4) Setup your CG3 BlackCat OBDII interface quickly and seamlessly
5) Built-in CG3 UserGuide for quick taximeter installation and operating instructions
6) Access customer support for timely help when you need it
7) Built-in access to Google Maps and location services

More features are in development and coming soon!

Please note: Your Record CG3 needs to be running a minimum software version of 1.24, with 1.29 being the recommended version to be able to use all features in the app. You can get the latest CG3 software with instructions here:

To determine the software version that your CG3 is currently running, see section 5.0: Main Menu in the Record CG3 User Guide (available in the app).

Cale Collinson
Cale Collinson